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Originally shared by Berea-Midpark chemistry teacher Kelly Bryan

In order to promote students to keep up with course work within Chemistry several teachers have begun to utilize a strategy that allows them to quickly assess student work and progress without consuming large amounts of time.

When a new unit of instruction begins, teachers share the activities, classwork, labapproved-stamps and homework with the students. During the course of the unit, teachers monitor completion of the assignments by quickly moving around the room. Students who have met the deadline for completion of the work will receive a unique stamp. This strategy allows the students to keep the work and make revisions or make note of new learning. In a way the teacher defers collection and grading in order for students to be accountable for revisions. The stamps simply provide the teacher a visual cue to identify if the student met the deadline for completion.

Once the unit of instruction is completed the teacher will collect the packet of work. The stamps provide a quick visual so the teacher can award a cumulative score for the work. This strategy allows makes grading and giving feedback easier for the teacher before the summativce assessment.