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nearpod-logoNearpod App and Chrome App

Originally shared by Berea-Midpark science teacher Steve Blatnica

Nearpod takes your basic presentation and builds student engagement. Using the Nearpod teachers can convert or create presentations that can integrate questioning, drawing, short answer, true-false, polls and a few beta applications that students can participate during a lesson.

Pros: Student centered. Teachers can combine direct instruction and formative activities to check for student understanding during lessons. Huge library of existing presentations that teachers can sort by grade level and topics. Teacher can take existing presentations and incorporate the features found within the nearpod app.

Cons: There’s a little bit of a learning curve with using the app. Trial and error seemed to work best. Start with using a few features and as you grow in experience incorporate new aspects of the application. Need devices that can access the app such as ipods, ipads or Chromebooks.

“Nearpod: a discussion setting where kids are interacting” from Nearpod on Vimeo.