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Quizizz is a web-based assessment generator. Teachers use this site as a quick way to create a multiple choice assessment. It could be used primarily as a formative assessment tool to quickly assess the students understanding on a particular topic.


Pros: Teachers can create quizizz’ quickly and easily. No real text limitations on your question stems or distractors. Images can be included in the question. Students are able to complete the quiz at their own pace without the pressure of waiting on other students or needing more time. Teacher can change the time allowed for each individual question, ranging from 20s to 15min. Once the students all have completed the exam you see instant results and question analysis. Results are saved to the site for later use. Site does keep score during the quiz and uses fun memes after students submit their answers. Large bank of existing quizizz for teachers to utilize.

Cons: Even though students are given large amounts of time they have the tendency to rush through the quiz without giving good thought on each question. Images are placed behind text and students must click on the text to temporarily remove it to see the image. This is not immediately apparent when students are taking the quiz. Does require individual student devices.

Shared by Berea-Midpark Biology teacher Shannon Presloid