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This was orignially shared by Steve Blatnica

If you are looking to share videos with your students to watch and check for their understanding during or after the video Vizia may be the free site you’re looking for.

Teachers can upload YouTube videos they’d like to share with their students. Once uploaded, you are able to scroll to any part of the video and add a question for students to respond to. The great part of this is the video will automatically pause when the question is posed. In order to progress the students must respond. Teachers can add multiple choice or short answer style questions. There is no limit to the number of questions you may pose within a video. Teachers can use this tool to assess student understanding during the video to assure they’ve seen and heard important aspects to the video clip.

Once completed the videos can be shared with students via link. This link can be shared via Google Classroom, Weebly, Twitter and many other websites. Students follow the link to the Vizia. Results of each video assessment are shared back to the teacher via Google Sheets. This makes it very easy to see results and evaluated student understanding.



Check out Vizia by clicking here