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Originally shared by Kelly Bryan- Chemistry Teacher at Berea-Midpark High School.

What does good work look like? As a teacher we often can make assumptions that students know what we are looking for. We may not take the time to make sure our students actually know what we expect.

Kelly Bryan has been working on a stragetgy to help clarify  expectations she has for her Chemistry students. She has begun modeling the quality of work she expects to see. By simply showing students it eliminates any question about what expectations are set. It has shown to give students a vision of the effort and attention they should be working towards.

For example, before students complete an assignment or a lab Kelly will showcase both excellent and poor examples of work. Students assess the work and try to identify why the work is quality or poor. This comparision allows each student to compare what they see to what they are working to complete. It eliminates any questions of uncertanty and gives them a frame of reference when they are completing their own work.

Thus far, this strategy has proven to rachet up the level of work within in her classes. A simple strategy for teachers to begin in their classes, but quickly has the potential to refocus your students on the quality of work they are producing in any class.