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Originally shared by Kelly Baumgartner- Biology, Astronomy, AVID teacher at Berea-Midpark High School

One of the most impactful strategies to increase student achievement is to focus a concerted effort on student literacy within the content area. This is especially true within the science content area. One teacher has made a concerted effort to increase the number of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) strategies within her teaching practices.

One such strategy is a Marking the Text reading strategy. This strategy focuses on student active reading and critical thinking. Teachers can select any text as this strategy is flexible in its use and effective in assessing a students understanding of the reading material. Students work through a series of reading requirements. The strategy is organized into the following format, and students actively work on each of the following steps as they read.

  • Step 1: Number the Paragraphs
  • Step 2: Circle Key Terms, Names of People, Names of Places, and or Dates
  • Step 3: Underline an Author’s Claims and Relevant Information
  • Step 4: Highlight and Define Unknown words

Feedback from teachers who have used this strategy have shared that at first students showed some push back. However, teachers are reporting as students have grown accustomed to the process they are confident in their ability and enjoy the process.

Any science articles would be appropriate for use of this strategy. Live Science, Science Daily and NPR all are reliable sources for your science themed current articles.

Here is a more detailed outline of the Marking the Text Reading Strategy