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Originally shared by Shannon Presloid, biology, anatomy/physiology, and CCP anatomy/physiology adjunct professor at Berea-Midpark High School

One of our teachers has developed a system she uses to monitor student passes. Her system  puts the ownership back on the student to be accountable for being in class. This positive behavior system rewards those students who demonstrate they can take care of their buisness before class.

The process works like this: Each student is given their own pass to use each quarter. The teacher’s name is clearly identified on the pass as well as the student’s name. Each student is given 9 passes each quarter. When a student requests to leave the class the teacher signs and records the time he/she is leaving class. Students are given 9 passes to use, but any unused passes are converted to extra credit to be applied at the end of each of the quarters. Here in lies the motivation to stay in class. Student passes reset after each quarter. The teacher keeps the passes organized for the students, but if the student loses his/her pass or they abuse the time they’re absent from the class, that student loses the ability to use the pass.

Here are the passes. Click here to link to a Google Doc version.


This pass system has helped to motivate more students to refrain from leaving the classroom and miss valuable class time. It’s also helped keep record of when students are leaving, how long and sets a clear limit to the number of times each student can step out.

If you’re looking for a solution to the problem of overused and abused hall passes this may be strategy you can find success with.