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Originally shared by Shannon Presloid- Biology, Anatomy/Physiology and CCP Anatomy/Physiology teacher at Berea-Midpark High School

Communicating with students and parents about a student’s classroom progress is an important part of a teachers role and responsibility. The Remind App has allowed teachers to communicate important information to a student or parent via their cell phone. A more reliable and effective communication tool than traditional email.

Remind not only works to communicate to all students but can be expanded to include parents/guardians of your students. To begin using Remind download the Remind app from wherever you get your phone apps. Once in the app, create a new class and share out the password. Participants will text the class specific code to the remind app (81010). This code will automatically add the student or parent into the class. At this point they will be added to your class and will recieve the text message when sent by the teacher. Teachers can send a message to the whole class or target individual students or parents within the class.

Possible uses of Remind:

  1. Inform students of upcoming due dates and tests
  2. Students can ask questions and teachers can reply with assistance
  3. Share important links or files to students and parents
  4. Communicate directly to parents about successes and struggles in the classroom
  5. Attach voice messages for your students