OGT Prep

The time is coming for the OGT. Use the following sites to help you prepare so you can do your best. 


OGT Science Practice Tests

OGT Practice Tests. Program will show you whether or not  you got it right immediately after you put in the answer. Take one of the old tests that has been released by ODE. Click button “Take test without logging in” and get started.

Science Study Stack

Great site for the visual learner. Study stack uses graphic organizers, games, and online flash cards to help you prepare for the OGT. Easy to use and interactive.

Science Quick Study Sheet

Chemistry Quick Study Sheet

Biology Quick Study Sheet

Earth Science Study Sheet

Don’t have time for the thick OGT Prep Packet? Check out these two page quick study guide.

Science Jeopardy Earth Science Review Game

Science Jeopardy Life Science Review Game

Link to an OGT Jeopardy Games. Similar to the games played in classrooms everywhere.

Science OGT Key Vocabulary Flashcards-Quizlet

Flashcards. Shows you the definition, you have to come up with the term / phrase. Program keeps track of number correct.


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